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IT Operations Manager

Role type: Fixed term contract

Location: Hybrid with offices in London, close to Waterloo
Direct reports – 0
Reporting to: CFO
Relationships – reporting to CFO and working with IT program manager. In short-term reporting to Clinical Director.

Company and Role outline:
Renaiss Heath is a new provider in healthcare – we will build and operate an expert-led group of luxury and sustainable physical rehabilitation centres, that deliver positive benefits to health outcomes, local communities and the environment, all located around London and the South-East. 


Our driving purpose is to enable people to recover the life they love – with views of success being totally unique to an individual, which we will deliver through our strong business principles of being professional pioneers, being focused on you – from both a client and colleague perspective, and ultimately being impact positive in our decision making and delivery – whether that’s our choice of equipment to aid independent living for longer or deciding how best to allocate our training budgets to best develop our people. We have a unique opportunity in front of us – not only to change the face of healthcare in the UK by providing and delivering a service that doesn’t exist at scale in the UK – but by being enabled and backed to do it in the right way. Making decisions for people and creating buildings that have sustainable innovation and the environment at their core, to drive a business which is ready for the future, and truly can achieve its mission. 

Main responsibilities and role deliverables:
1.    Responsible for the successful delivery of Renaiss Health IT &S flight path for infrastructure including functional delivery of all business and system applications on an agreed architectural platform. The successful candidate will ensure that the operational functions of all systems are in place to facilitate a successful opening of our Richmond centre in early 2025
2.    Lead the physical centre networking and IT design mobilisation, including; proposing core systems such as security, access and WI-FI with the set up and delivery of required networks.
3.    Lead and ensure completion of the end-user computing installation, including total workforce set up for go live.
4.    Lead the design and implementation of redundancy and disaster recovery approach, in line with GDPR requirements. 
5.    Set up and oversee the external help desk, supporting the daily operations of the business.

Professional and Technical inclusions:
System activation and security 

  • Review the planned architecture and support assurance activities including defining and testing functionality during and post implementation activities.

  • Consulting and liaising with third parties ensuring that the following aspects of implementation are designed and delivered on time

            - Network switch and firewall management

            - Azure cloud environment, including IaaS server deployments and associated native Azure service deployments such as Azure Backup, Azure AD, Virtual Network                          (vNets), cloud security best practices etc.
            - Active Directory / Domain management including group policy management
            - Integration Support / Management
            - End user computing / device setup & management (including MDM solutions)

  • Utilising the agreed flight path, ensuring that all business systems are configured, tested and installed to functional activation. 

  • Ensure the installation and configuration of computer hardware, operating systems and applications are carried out efficiently and securely, working with the vendors to ensure implementation and deployment 

  • Ensure each system/application is fit for purpose for go live 

  • Ensure that data tables used function effectively for reporting purposes and where integrations are set up these are fit for purpose 

  • Monitor and support UAT, taking a lead on testing and configuration as needed with each system. 

  • Take the lead in the development of management of Cyber Security and Support, providing leadership, advice to ensure set up and delivery. Familiarity with NCSC Cyber Essentials, NIST Cyber Security Framework, GDPR, IG Toolkit/DSPT.

  • Working closely with third parties and IT Programmes Manager to ensure that security standards are developed and that the Data Security Policy (and associated Codes of Practice) are implemented and polices are in place 

  • Implement and use the ITIL framework to ensure a first-class end-user experience, educating staff in its benefits.  


Centre IT oversight & delivery

  • Contribute to and lead consultants of the IT/AV design process to deliver a fit-for-purpose design for caballing, comms and data delivery at a centre level

  • Identify suitable systems for core building control including security systems, access control, communications cabinet networking and Wi-Fi requirements.

  • Work with the main contractor to achieve completed installation, configuration, testing and commissioning of centre systems and networks

  • Develop and activate an appropriate maintenance and servicing approach

Operational management set up and risk 

  • Write/ develop /publish and provide appropriate advice on suitable and relevant operational policies and procedures. 

  • Assuming the temporary role of Information Asset Owner (IAO) for the ICT Infrastructure, developing the asset management system policies and procedures. 

  • Identifying, assessing, and building the IT&S assurance framework and reporting methodology.

  • Develop and operating manual to reduce ongoing risks once live 

  • Ensuring that maintenance contracts are agreed and are in place and that they are GDPR compliant.

  • Ensuring Business Continuity Plans for all essential IT&S support services are in place and evaluated.

  • Ensuring that Disaster Recovery provision for all essential IT&S support services is in place.

Qualifications and experience 
Essential criteria:

  • IT or related degree (or equivalent real-world experience) Microsoft certification is advantageous.

  • Multi site development experience 

  • Relevant experience related to either retail/hospitality /healthcare. 

  • Relevant Leadership / technical qualifications (ITIL, etc)

  • Relevant experience setting up and supporting delivery and implementation of a new greenfield project. 

  • Ability to balance service-user requirements and service quality against, organisational & financial constraints

  • Management of high value revenue (OpEx) budgets; delivering the required services/objectives within agreed financial limits.

  • Experience of dealing with directors and senior managers, both clinical & nonclinical and senior clinicians

  • Knowledge and understanding of a mobile first approach to systems. 

The Ideal Candidate

  • Expert in challenging, convincing, and managing the various stakeholders involved

  • Competent in ITIL strategy formulation and service architecture

  • Effective management of meetings, self-directed and accountable actions for delivery 

  • Diplomatic and able to remain calm under pressure. Able to manage tense situations to disperse tension, focus on goals and negotiate outcomes

  • A pragmatic but thorough approach to and knowledge of processes, methodologies and standards

  • Understand the need for discipline and rigour in service reporting, and have strong analytical capability

  • Understanding of the business and how IT contributes to the delivery of that service

  • Attention to Detail – Proficient in applying quality standards to all tasks undertaken and ensuring that nothing is overlooked

  • Interacting with People – Proficient in establishing relationships and maintaining contacts with people from a variety of backgrounds. Effective and sensitive communicator in different societies and cultures

  • Ability to translate service specifications into easily understood business concepts and vice versa

  • Willingness to accept responsibility and accountability. 

To apply, simply send your CV, current salary and salary expectations to


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