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Pioneering residential physical

rehabilitation and recovery-care centres


About us

We believe in a world where your health doesn’t hold you back. 

A world where you need never accept compromise and can choose and experience the life you want to live.

That’s why we’ve set up Renaiss Health. To support people who are preparing for or have gone through elective surgery, or just can’t live with their physical restrictions any longer. 


We will offer accessible, expert rehabilitation and recovery-care that’s designed around each and every individual's unique needs and motivations. 

What we offer

We're developing pioneering centres that will offer world-class physical rehabilitation therapy and high-quality accommodation. 

Expert-led, with an on-site doctor, senior physical therapists and experienced nurses, our team will ensure you experience the highest standards of care and treatment.


We will offer short-residential stays at our centres. Our nursing teams will provide 24hour recovery-focussed care and peace of mind, so you can focus on your recovery and overall wellbeing.


So, whether specialist post-operative rehabilitation or just somewhere to help you remobilise and restrengthen is required, our dedicated team of experts will help you find the path back to your best self.


Coming soon…

Opening in early 2025 and located within a city-village setting, our new Richmond Centre will provide a restorative environment, in every sense. From the high-quality feel and bespoke room design, to cutting-edge rehabilitation technologies and nutritionally balanced, quality food and drink offer… every aspect of our space is being designed to ensure our guests feel wholly recovered, restrengthened and recharged. 

Our bedrooms will offer a high-quality interior finish and will contain innovative technology and connectivity to monitor and support your clinical recovery, whilst ensuring you can relax and make holistic progress in your overall rehabilitation.

The development will utilise a range of environmentally-conscious construction initiatives, and will also look to enhance the health and wellbeing of clients and employees through sustainable design principles.

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Built by experts

Renaiss Health is being shaped and developed by industry experts to ensure our services and centres deliver the highest standards of care, rehabilitation and hospitality.

We’re backed by experts too – Bridges Fund Management are a leader in impact investment projects. For over 20 years, Bridges have been investing in solutions that support the transition to a more inclusive and sustainable economy. They are driven by a clear conviction: that building a better future for people and the planet is also a unique opportunity to create lasting economic value. You can find out more about Bridges and their existing portfolio of projects here.

Partner with us

We are currently working with expert partners to finalise our service ahead of opening in 2025.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss a potential partnership please email us at

Keep track of our progress

 We’ll be using our blog to post regular updates on our development and progress but you can also get direct updates to your inbox. Alternatively you can follow us across social.

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